OpenWrt/LEDE v18.06.0 service release

Hello guys,

Do you know how v18.06.0 is stable? I can't use 17.01.5, because there is a major bug in the upstream kernel that is not merged into in 17.01.5 and the error does not exist 17.01.4, so I am thinking I try switching to use v18.06.0

This is my error and my DNS does't work with 17.01.5 Linksys WRT:

Do you know how many people using it? Is it worth using it? Is it already kind of stable? Or just wait until the real stable v18?

Thank you very much,

It RC2, is for testing.

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sit is still broken on 18.06rc2 with the 4.9 kernel.. Wait for a kernel bump, or add a patch.

Do you know if the latest stable openwrt 18.01.0 is good now? I built it but not sure if i should install it.

I surmise, you meant "18..."

i mean sit is OpenWrt 18.01.0 is fixed?

It is NOT fixed, that's the problem.

ahh, ok, then at least i know i should not install this release. thank you so much @Pilot6 !!!

Closing this topic now since official 18.06.0 has been released.