OpenWRT kernel tweaks in debian kernel

I use OpenWRT on x86 Protectli Valut and it is so much better than BSD solutions but it is a little too short in available applications and I think about using plain Debian instead. Everywhere is mentioned that OpenWRT uses some unspecified "kernel tweaks" to improve network preformance and stability. Is it feasible to compile or maybe even find Debian kernel compiled with such tweaks? Is it worth it? Or maybe is it some OpenWRT port with more "Debian-like" software repository?
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How about setting up an lxc container in openwrt with debian to take advantage of that broad app catalog?

(This is what I'm running on my gateway)


I don't think any home user even most business users have the need to tweak the default Kernel settings. If your box is somehow modern as with 4 or 8 cores, enough ram,... You can easily route and firewall multiple of 10 Gbit/s. I have been setup and run a x86 boxes with Debian as the main router and firewall in datacenter for 800+ VM. The only thing I really had to tweak where the connection table. IIRC we had round about 2.4 million active sessions on the firewall with 2x10 Gbit uplink and 2x 100 Gbit downlink. We used mellanox connect x cards. Same with the hypervisor nodes which also have done routing but also forwarding (layer2). The defaults nowadays let you go pretty far. So if you are not Netflix try and see where your bottleneck might be but I still assume you won't hit any on consumer grade setups. :man_shrugging:


Hi! Thank you. This is even better than I thought!

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Another option, just for completeness.

If you prefer to keep OpenWrt, a Debian chroot will also work well to install additional software via apt.


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