OpenWrt: It Just Works - THANK-YOU!

I'm going on holiday to Hawaii in a few days, and I wanted to set up a travel router. It has basically two requirements:

  1. Plug and play, just plug it any network hardline, or connect it to a Wi-Fi, and it in turn presents the same WiFi SSIDs and password as if I were at home. My devices shoudn't know the difference.
  2. VPN, not only do I want my devcices to see the same SSIDs, but when they talk on the internet I want it to be as if all my devices are actually ON my home LAN. My IPTV service I subscribe to only works when it's on an IP from my ISP. I want to take my Roku and have it just work.

Never having configured Wireguard in "client" mode on OpenWrt, I thought #2 above would have me at it for hours, but it took about 20 minutes. And half of that was when I upgraded to the latest release. Thank-you for all the hard work on the OpenWrt devs who make this easy.