OpenWrt is macos timemachine problems

Dear All,

I followed "AFP Netatalk share configuration" guide to make my router a timemachine backup node, but it looks like the kmod-hfsplus driver does not support r/w operations.

$ dmesg ... hfsplus: write access to a journaled filesystem is not supported, use the force option at your own risk, mounting read-only.

The guide does not refer to a specific fs type to use for time machine backups, but it won't be hfs+ (I hoped I can use the same hfs+ usb drive locally and via the router)

What's the recommended fs type to use then?



Perhaps you can disable the journal on the HFS FileSystem? I don't have a Mac, or HFS partitions, but the error message kind of suggests, that HFS+ supports a mode without journal.

Indepedant of that, my answer to your final question ("Which FS on external USB HDD") would be: ext4.

Edit: It is possible to disable the journal on HFS+.


Just thought i'd confirm what @stragies pointed out, i used to use Time Machine with OpenWrt and disabling journaling was the only way it would work.


The alternative is to use 19.07 or snapshots, which have samba4 and full macOS timemachine support build in, just tick the option in luci.


Thanks, your answer made me realize that's possible to disable journaling. Now I have to figure out if I can live with a backup disk not having journaling, but that's another topic.

Is there a doc about that macOS timemachine support in 19? Or it's the same as in 18.x with a configuration front end added?

If you use 19.x or snapshots, just install samba4 + samba4 luci, than in luci enable the macOS option and for the share there is a timemachine option and how much space to use. That should be it, than the share should be listed as timemachine target in macos.

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