OpenWrt internet device connection opkg

I setup mine home network as a mesh network with the use of the badman protocol.

But now I have a problem, the openwrt internet clients can't connect to the internet. So opkg can't update any packages.

Now all the connected devices to the WiFi network does have internet connection on the right subnet.
I always thought that the virtual wan device made the need to be linked to the right internet proto and that wan device is responsible to give the device internet.

I have static proto that where I can reach the mesh ap's.

And everything I search in Google how the internet being handled on a openwrt device returns nothing.

Does someone know what I'm searching or the terms for Google to help me further? Thanks in advance

  • Did the mesh setup ever work for you?
  • Configs?

Is it batman or a fork gone bad? (pun intended)

Have you configured IP/mask/gateway/dns properly on all the APs?
What is the output of uci export network; ip -4 addr; ip -4 ro; ip-4 ru; nslookup

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The simplest way to run a mesh is to make the nodes that are not connected to the Internet dumb APs. A dumb AP has only one network, lan. The mesh interface bat0 bridges into the lan network the same way a wired connection would.

For internal Internet usage to work, the lan network needs to have a gateway and DNS server configured. The gateway is the next router toward the Internet, which would be the LAN's main router. The DNS server is also usually that machine, though you can use an external DNS.

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