OpenWRT installer, no WebUI and can't use opkg update

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Openwrt and I am trying to install it to my new router Xiaomi AX3000T.

Everything seems to go well, OpenWRT seems to be correctly installed but now I can't access the web UI and I also can't use opkg to update and to go through the next steps of the tutorial.

I have followed the following tutorial :
I am now at the step Change to openwrt boot :
I got all my packages from there :

The problem I have is I can't access to the OpenWRT webUI (which may be available when I see this for example
I also can't download packages using opkg update (which is the next step of the tutorial.

I think I have something important in my setup : the router I use on my network as its admin interface set to, which is the same as OpenWRT.
The Xiaomi router is connected directly via ethernet on my computer and this computer is connected via wifi to the router. Even if I shut down wifi I can't access OpenWRT webUI.

I have no problem to connect to ssh, I can easyly ssh root@ and connect to OpenWRT on the xiaomi via terminal.

At this moment I don't know what to do. Do you have any idea what could happen on my setup ? Thank you !

connect the AX3000T to your existing router via the WAN port, and DL the packages.
your AX3000T LAN subnet can't however be the same, as your primary router's LAN subnet.

or go to
click request build button, and DL the new sysupgrade image.
transfer the image over to the router's /tmp folder using (win)scp.
ssh to the router and run sysupgrade /tmp/sysupgrade.filename.img.

you should have webUI after the sysupgrade reboot.

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Thank you.

Thanks to your help I managed to make it work !

For random people from the world wide web here is what I did :slight_smile:

For the web ui part I made the sysupdgrade by following frollic's link. However I use this instead :

I then got the web UI.

For the subnet part I found (well google did it to me) the way to change the subnet of OpenWRT : . I am now at on the xiaomi and can make both routers work together.

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