OpenWrt installation on Xiaomi mi 4a white

I will get dual wifi gigabit router xiaomi mi a4 gigabit with 4 fixed antenas i was looking openwrt is supporting router bu am not clear how to install on stock there is 3 files kernel openwrt another file i dont know which to use

Is it "A4" or "4A"?

If it is the " Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition" you can find more information below.

Notice that OpenWrt installation on this router is not straightforward and it requires some hacking.

Its XIAOMI MI 4A sorry

its these i see these is not gigabit :frowning:

is these gigabit lan?

just i think wifi 2.4 is 20db and 5 wifi is 23db? that is ok i will wait to be build finished untill that i will use stock


Do not buy the MT7628 based non-gigabit one, its quite low performance. Someone at your level of Linux ability shouldn't buy the gigabit one either, as it is difficult to install and should debricking become necessary it requires hardware writing direct to the flash chip.


Its cpu MT7628DA on 580MHz.
I will buy i need dual router i know its little trashy but i have small money :moneybag: so far i use stock tenda ac 1200 dual gigabit on pc its much faster an in enthernet and in internet i need one more i chose Xiaomi becouse of cost

The ports on the non-giabit 4A are of course not gigabit. The fastest that anything can move in or out of the box by wire is 94 Mb (usable speed of a 100 Mb port). If you have ISP speed faster than that it will be a bottleneck in your network.

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My internet speed is 20mbps and fastes i can have for few yeuars is 50mbps :frowning:

you say its hard to install openwrt on that xiaomi? better not to do that am fraid of bric,what you think man?

Based on your history with the other devices, I'd stay away :wink:


ok thank you man

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