OpenWrt installation on Wavlink WL-WN570HA1

Hi guys
i'm following this guide

But i can not get any connection with
I have a direct cable from my laptop to the device.
Powered off the device, powered on pressing reset and nothing happended.
No connection to my tftp server.
From the laptop ( i have a ping -t and never get a response...
any suggestion?

try putting a hub or switch in between

No response from also with a switch in the middle.

Try to keep the reset pressed longer and connect power by powering your power brick while all other cords are connected or by plugging the power jack into splitter, i.e. not by plugging RJ45.
Run Wireshark or similar tool on your PC to see if there is any activity from Wavlink.
I went myself through this process a couple of times without issues.