OpenWrt installation on W504V

Hello guys

A few months before i tried to do a first installation, ending in a bricked device.
Now i started reading again through a lot of guides here on openwrt.
I bought two more W504Vs to give it a chance.
But - the more i read the more i loose any idea where to start.

Is there a way to provide a basic step by step list ? ( or a series of links )
Right now i am able to connect via serial port, and i could get into the administration mode.
Next should be the backup of the current firmware, but this won't work already.
But despite all the infos, i don't know how to proceed wit brnboot and u-boot etc etc

Thx in advance - Hartmut

I don't see this listed in the Table of Hardware. Are you sue this device is supported?

It is supported:

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