OpenWrt installation on TP-Link Archer C5 v2

Is there any hope / chance to install OpenWRT in Archer C5 V2?

Tried multiple times with TFTP, file get uploaded to router, but after the Router restarted, instead of showing OpenWrt firmware, it is only showing the original Stock from TP-Link.

Depends on what version you're trying to install.

The last supported version is 19.07.9.

On my C7 V2, I rename the OpenWrt image to "factory.bin" and upgrade in the stock UI.

Because it uses the Broadcom chipset, it has limited support in OpenWrt.

5 GHz wireless doesn't work, and 2.4 GHz wireless only partially works.

You may want to stick with stock firmware, or purchase a new router.

I have to rename it to the the correct .bin file.. it get uploaded and the router restart and revert back to original firmware.

the main reason is not to use it as router but more of recycle it to use zerotier for my whole house network for those non zerotier connected devices..

Different approaches to file naming when using the stock GUI, or TFTP.

TP-Link does not like long file names when using the GUI, so a short name (like "factory.bin") usually works.

For TFTP, it's looking for a specific file name, like "ArcherC5v2_tp_recovery.bin".

You can try temporarily disabling the firewall on the computer you're using.

Make sure you are connected wired.

It's also a good idea to use an unmanaged switch between the router and the computer.

i tried that and the tftp successfully transfer the file across but when the router rebook it will go back to the original firmware.. i am guessing tplink had a blocking mechanism or validation on the .bin file for archer c5 v2.. which is such a waste.. seriously speaking one should not invest in any tp-link router.. they sell cheap but nothing comes with quality at all and all full of instability

I've run my C7 V2 for several years now with no issues.

Have done several TFTP, and serial recoveries...after experimenting.

I think it's more model/firmware dependent.

I believe so as C5 V2 even the ram is lesser compared to V1 ... even DD-WRT do not have V2 support and only have V1

I found the Culprit in C5 v2...

seems there is a FCC Lock down:

and we need to bypass the fcc lockdown in order to flash C5 V2 firmware: