OpenWrt installation on RT-AC1300UHP


can we just use the gui firmware upgrade page from original asus firmware and use the above file, if we want to change from asus firmware to openwrt? or do the only way to do it is what follow the guide from the device page?

Follow the Guide First!

Let's have this here as reference pulled from the url you listed in the OP.

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Installing OpenWrt via TFTP is basically same as this

I know you want the correct instruction set, and I would like to help. I think it would be prudent to double check your unit for any revision numbers printed on the case..

There are a few threads that distinguish between methods of install. The revision printed on your device is the most IMPORTANT bit of information needed before proceeding toward any method.

So please double check your model number with revision and post back.

From the sticker at the back, the only thing i could see mac/S/N is H/W ver B1

Assuming all the data you've written in the title is correct the directions from the Git commit of this device is similar to the device I've listed.

Here are the detailed instructions from the git;a=commit;h=87c42101cfb001b4bd418d1201fa4d8c822dc77b

This is the device listed in your title.

I got to the Git Commit by looking down a few lines in the link above:
"Supported Since Commit"

This method is very challenging. I've never had to do a serial install and can speak no further on what your challenges may be.

This is the forum search for your device, you should spend some time seeking out clues and members to recruit into your initial flashing for encouragement and direction.

I wish you the best friend.

from page

under Comment installation: Identical hardware to RT-AC58U, follow same directions

if you open it says you need to open the modem

but from
there is a link saying
which points to
that's why i asked if this method is valid rather than using the serial that you'll need to open the modem
then the generic tftp method is basically same as this right?

Good job on the linking, it was very succinct.

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No: in the documentation above, nowhere is it mentioned that using a TFTP method on Youtube.

Yes: The closest it comes for two of the models is the easy method. Which from what I've read is using a custom built, user hosted OpenWrt variant. Read that thread.

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Hi,did you succeed?58u and 1300uhp are use the same procedure?page seems just for 58u?

Wiki says


so that would be a yes ...