OpenWrt installation on RB951G-2Hnd


I am really new to all this this.

I have troubling installing openwrt on RB951G-2Hnd. Two days ago I installed openwrt successfully on an RB951ui-2nd.

I followed the same steps as I did with the RB951ui-2nd, but i'm stuck at Tiny pxe. Tiny Pxe server keeps telling me No Other DHCP discovered.

My steps are as follow:

download Openwrt
Set mikrotik settings too:
boot protocol - DHCP
force backup booter - checked
Try ethernet once then NAND

Then I reboot.

Setup static ip to
Plug lan cable to port 1

Open Tiny pxe server

set router ip to, then I press online.

After this i'm stuck, is does nothing at all except throw out no other DHCP discovered.

On my previous setup for the RB951ui-2nd Tiny PXE discovered DHCP as the mikrotik booted up and continued to load the openwrt to the ram

What is the difference with the RB951G-2Hnd.

I am clueless.

Kind Regards

I think I figured out my problem.

Port 1 on the mikrotik is dead. Is it possible to do it through port 2 by any chance?

Kind Regards