OpenWrt installation on Now NR701 (rebranded Sky SR102)

Hello to everyone,

I hope you could help me as I am stuck for couple of days trying to figure what I am doing it wrong. I am trying to flash my Now NR701 router with OpenWRT base on the instructions on the link below. I am able to connect to the router via serial interface and I am able see the boot log (pasted below) – at least for some extent. What I am not able to do is i) the boot log is not complete, it just stops after “starting program” and no log output after that point but the router starts fine. Ii) I am not able to break the boot process, have tried ctrl+c , Esc numerous times but no luck. I am using Putty on windows and software flow is definitely enabled. Would be of great help if someone can shed some light on what I am wrong/missing. Thanks!

Base: 4.14_04
CFE version 1.0.38-150.1 for BCM963268 (32bit,SP,BE)
Build Date: Mon 7 Sep 14:59:10 BST 2015 (johnson@johnson-lnx-debian)
Copyright (C) 2000-2013 Broadcom Corporation.

Chip ID: BCM63168D0, MIPS: 400MHz, DDR: 400MHz, Bus: 200MHz
Main Thread: TP0
Memory Test Passed
Total Memory: 134217728 bytes (128MB)
Boot Address: 0xb8000000

HS Serial flash device: S25FL128, id 0x0118 size 16384KB
Total Flash size: 16384K with 256 sectors
Flash split 10 : AuxFS[1638400]
Board IP address :
Host IP address :
Gateway IP address :
Run from flash/host/tftp (f/h/c) : f
Default host run file name : vmlinux
Default host flash file name : bcm963xx_fs_kernel
Boot delay (0-9 seconds) : 1
Default host ramdisk file name :
Default ramdisk store address :
Board Id (0-33) : BSKYB_63168
Number of MAC Addresses (1-32) : 10
Base MAC Address : 00:10:18:00:00:00
PSI Size (1-64) KBytes : 40
Enable Backup PSI [0|1] : 0
System Log Size (0-256) KBytes : 0
Auxillary File System Size Percent: 10
Main Thread Number [0|1] : 0

Booting from only image (0xb8040000) ...

Signature@Offset: [0x0093be18]

Code Address: 0x80751670, Entry Address: 0x80325a50
RootFS & Kernel CRCs are correct.
Decompression OK!
Entry at 0x80325a50
Closing network.
Disabling Switch ports.
Flushing Receive Buffers...
0 buffers found
Closing DMA Channels
Starting program at 0x80325a50


Same problem. No access with the serial and jtag (my lpt port problem?)

I'm getting the same issue with the SKY Er115. Any progress?