OpenWrt installation on Devolo wifi pro 1200e

Hallo together,
I search a step by step Tutorial to flash a devolo 1200e accesspoint with openwrt.
I have never done that and need urgent help. please help me flashing the accesspoint. I can not cope with the instructions I found here.
many thanks

I have no ssh access. Error unknown device or wrong Password. What is wrong. I have enter the ip address, the username:root and the password...

There's no password on a fresh install.

Yes. I have installed openwrt auf this accesspoint and its running. Please help me for install Luci on this device with step by step Tutorial. Where i can download luci?
Thank you

As shown above:

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It's not working for me. I have the devolo accesspoint connected with fritzbox 7340. I think the accesspoint is not online. Ip adress is the same in the Network.

Looks like bricked my devolo 1200e by uploading the wrong image. Any idea how to recover the device?

@tbemme, welcome to the community!

  • Can you describe what occurred to cause a bricking?
  • Did you follow the instructions linked above to perform the flash?
  • Which leads me to, how did you install the wrong image - and what image did you use?
  • Do you still have console access?
  • If so, what do you see?

Thanks for the welcome.

I used the snapshot tgz file instead of the bin file to flash the router via documented commands. I simply didn't read carefully enough all the instructions.

Now the router seems to be constantly rebooting without any way to access it.

Thanks for trying to help.

Update: new 1200e arrived today. OpenWRT running perfectly fine when using the correct image.