OpenWrt installation on Dell optiplex 3050 usff

I actually had came across some PCI-E 2.5G Realtek that needs to use 8152 module rather than 8169 (just don't know why, I have to blacklist 8169).

Hey guys sorry i havent replied not being rude ...My mother passed away recently so havent been well
i do still struggle with the openwrt on the Dell 3050
where do i find the files for the PCI-E 2.5G Realtek so i can put it on usb or can i put it
incorpoated into openwrt install usb

I did try to do vlan on a TL-SG108E But cant get it working properly ( so i could use the onboard lan atleast ) i do have the openwrt running but i have no idea what to do and was trying to do vlan via a switch to see if it worked ...but does that mean i have to do settings in openwrt if so what are they ive tried every thing i missing something or overlooked something

Guide me like a retarded kid with learning dificulties this is still all new to me step by step guide would be appreciated HEAPS

Thanks again for anyhelp guys

Our condolences...

Use and add kmod-r8169 to the customized list of packages.

DL the combined EFI image and boot it on your Dell.

r8169 is preinstalled on all x86_64 images, but kernel v5.10 might not be sufficient (try master snapshots wirh kernel v5.15). If that doesn't help, well need the exact (numeric) PCI IDs and the XID line from dmesg.

Sorry for your loss.

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Hey Thanks guys ...the only thing that helps is doing a little project opwrt , i know im waaay over my head but hey why not it is about learning new things

And again Guys and ladies Thank you for your kindness

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Hey guys and Ladies sorry if i havent replied been busy
id like to say the the dell 3050 works flawlessly and it was due to
installing this " kmod-r8169 " from you guys that did it
i did it via this Posted By Frollic ... worked like a charm

the thing i didnt do which i learnt was i changed the wan to eth0 and bingo worked
to me its a high performance low power usage beast sooo freaking happy i kept at it

So thanks again


Hey guys i have a question for my build
How do i increase the Standard 100mb ( for apps) to use the full 120 gig ssd capacity or is there now way of doing it i want to use docker "if thats possible "

Thanks again

There's an article about that in the wiki.

cheers but where a link would have been appreciated ....
but i will have a look maybe i can find it


Here :

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Thanks Mate just what i needed to figure it out should be fun

Thanks again