OpenWrt installation on D-Link DAP-1325-A1

I have a D-link DAP-1325 A1 router. I want to convert it to openwrt, but when I want to access the Failsafe UI, I cannot, despite applying the explanation in the link. Can I find help, please?
This is the link used:;a=commit;h=d57ba86e489e363be3b26b9cb880048da5dfd12c

Then use serial instead.

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I don't have and have no experience with it

Then you're out of luck...

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Someday luck will smile at me. I'm waiting

Use a serial to ttl adapter like this one

Then open the serial port at 57600 baud
Then you will see the uboot command line

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Thanks for your cooperation
Find a non-serial solution for ttl . Like Failsafe UI

The failsafe function is not available in the factory firmware… I tried it first

Now I have just flashed the latest openwrt in my dap1325 for the first time… and probably the failsafe function is there.

But I am now trying to make my dap1325 into a wifi extender again, but with openwrt :slight_smile:

Get that serial adapter and “rainbow cable” from Amazon… and when you get it, I will show you how to do it