OpenWrt installation on Asus RT-N12 VP

Hey! I want to install openvrt on asus rt-n 12vp. only downloaded:
Is this enough for firmware?;a=commit;h=c3dc52e39ac83704b7a376d8d5610bdb91807e3f

I don't see wiles there with *.bin extension

Make sure you own the B1.

Yes, I have B1. I need to install the git and build a bean file ?

The git tells you how to install, the 2nd link provides the file.

FYI, I have now created a devicepage:

Sidenote: In case of missing devicepages, feel free to create on via, then fill it with info.

I don’t understand how to install, the link is only to the update, not to the kernel. Is there a step by step installation guide? Presented is clearly not enough. (

I found

Which instructions are you following that require a kernel image?

The fw selector is serving a kernel initramfs.

Random YouTube videos, what should I use? There are not enough visual instructions with pictures. Can be used immediately: openwrt-21.02.2-ramips-mt76x8-asus_rt-n12-vp-b1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin ?

How about reading the very first response and its referenced information you've been provided?

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