OpenWrt installation on Actiontec GT784WNV


I'm a new comer newbie to OpenWrt and got a Actiontec GT784WNV. Got the stock firmware from factory currently on there. How do I flash this to OpenWrt?


The exact instructions you seek are found on the device's page:

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Go into the Actiontec's admin interface (at and look for the upgrade firmware option somewhere in the menus. Where it lets you upload a firmware image, upload this one which is the correct 18.06 for this router. I had the most luck with that version.

Then follow the steps I did to get wireless working:

  1. Flash 18.06 on the box without importing any settings
  2. Setup password and internet access
  3. Update package lists
  4. Install wpad and kmod-brcmsmac (in that order)
  5. Reboot
  6. Enable wifi

Thanks for your replies. So far so good but can't get on the internet and can not do a 'opkg update'. Says check your connection. Since I want the router to be a dumb access port or switch I disabled the dhcp server function and changed the ip address to be in same subnet as my home network and connected it in via a cat5 cable to my main router. I can SSH and run Luci into the router from another machine but the router just can't see the internet. Confused on what to do next?


Edit: Nevermind! My DNS was missing! Thanks!

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