OpenWrt in VMware has "no Internet access" while it actually can

I installed OpenWrt in a VMware virtual machine and want it to proxy all the traffic from host machine.

The configuration is below:

For VM: two VMnets:

  • VMnet0: bridging to the WiFi card
  • VMnet8: NAT, with subnet, and untick the "Use Local DHCP service to distribute IP address to VMs".

For Host Machine :

  • WiFi properties: uninstall ipv4 & ipv6
  • VMnet8:
    IP address :
    Default gateway / DNS :

For OpenWrt settings:
Set IP address as
Close DHCP service for all interface. is the proxy service from openclash.

>route print

This will have Internet access to all the websites except Microsoft services, but it can be accessed through the web browser (but cannot log in in Word, do windows update ).

The Wi-Fi Status will say Not connected to Internet. But in VMnet 8 , it will have Internet connectivity for ipv4. Is this why I see Not connected message?

PS C:\Users\***> tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2     2 ms     2 ms     2 ms
  3     3 ms     3 ms     3 ms
  4     6 ms     6 ms     5 ms  111.176.***.1
  5    12 ms    13 ms    14 ms  ***.50.***.9

@Slewpc, welcome to the community!

To be clear, which host device is eth0 and which is eth1?

So to be clear, Internet works as desired (except networks controlled by MS)?

Can you show us this message?

This network doesn't exist anywhere in your routes or configs.

Thanks for your reply. Since that I re-installed the windows and then reinstall the vmware again, the port may be changed a little, but the problem still exists.

The problem is , I can access the internet through firefox & chrome. But if I want to access the internet , for example, from the default edge browser, it fails. Same problem goes to log-in in word/ teams.

However, if I install fiddler and ticks on "Capture Traffic", then everything will works. I assume that fiddler add a proxy in , and let edge access internet through the proxy , this makes it works. If I close the fiddler, edge will lose connection again.

I think that't because of my wrong proxy setting in OpenWrt, it is clash's fault, not openwrt settings. I closed my proxy server and then it went fine. I will raise an Issue for the clash then.

Thanks for your reply anyway, it really helps.