OpenWrt in bridge mode

I read a lot but didn't find an answer: Im running a tl-mr6400 with OpenWrt. Behind this Router I run a Unifi USG. My goal is to get rid of Double Nat.

I thought of getting the tl-mr6400 in bridge mode. But I don't know how to. Perhaps someone has an advice for me?

Until now I use portforwarding in the fw (forward all).
Sorry for my english, i'm Form germany.



Make a network of proto none and bridge dsl0 to an Ethernet VLAN which leads to one of the ports. Remove dsl0 from the wan network. (If you need wan access from the 6400, it needs to take it through the main router USG either on a separate cable or a VLAN).

The stock firmware might be suitable if you're only needing it to function as a modem.

Hi Mike!
thanks for your reply but I'm not sure i got the point. Proto none means no protocol, right?

A little supplement: It is an LTE Router (the Stock FW ist not an option, what I found out so far...)

I will use the USG because of IPS and IDS...that's the point.

What I understod so far:

  • create a vlan
  • add the vlan to lan port (eg 4)
  • cerate vlan interface, connect with vlan (eg 4)
  • add the usb device (LTE comes over the usb-dev) to the new vlan interface
  • remove the usb dev from wan interface

right so far?
What about the firewall ? Add a new firewall-zone?

The firewall works at layer 3, you will be bridging at layer 2 so there is no involvement of the firewall. A proto none interface is an emulation of an unmanaged switch-- the OS doesn't otherwise interact with the packets.

I tried and failed...

Means proto none the same as unmanaged?

I configured using luci. Ist it possible with luci or only via cli?

I think the LTE Modem could be the problem. It is an USB device (integrated) with an IP the WAN If recives an IP Form this range via DHCP.

Perhaps someone can show me the steps more detailed via luci?

Thanks a lot!



Is it already working on router mode? What ip does it get from the wan in router mode?