OpenWrt in a VM - Missing Wifi tab

Hi there,

I am new to OpenWrt. I am using it in a Virtual Machine inside VMware as Wireless Access Point for a project. When I access to Luci through the browser the Wifi tab is missing and /etc/config/wireless is empty or non-existent.

Could you guys point me in the right direction to get the Wifi tab showing? I actually don't need it working, but I need the tab there with the options.

Thank you in advance.

Do you have any wifi device attached to your vm and installed the needed driver, wpad and iwinfo?

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It may show the tab if you just have a bogus /etc/config/wireless file copied out of a device that actually runs wifi. Of course there would be no drivers or hardware behind it.

Thank you for the answers, I have got a Wifi dongle to connect through the USB since VMware doesn't support wireless cards.

I really appreciate your help!