OpenWrt .img file corrupted/missing?

I don't know if its just me, but I seem to be getting corrupted OpenWRT .img files each time I download it through either IDM or internet explorer (chrome won't detect anything).

Downloading the stable build from here, and checking its properties shows I can unblock it, so I do. Trying to either open it with 7zip, or mounting it like any-other disc img file fails each time. I can open it up in HxD, but I can't find any hash values to compare it to so as to verify if it really is corrupted or not

is this just me, or is anyone else getting this?

Is this the factory image you are after

or sysupgrade

Found here (including checksum(s) )

with this checksum

and this signature

And how to verify

You're not supposed to unpack the .tar file but rather feed it to sysupgrade as-is. The corruption error is due to the fact that the image carries some trailing metadata which is reported as "archive corruption" by various tools.

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I seem to have missed those links somehow, but I managed to confirm the checksum value for the .img file. thank you, ill follow the links and download future checksum files for verification