OpenWrt image w/o LuCI

Hello Everyone.

I would like to ask if there are imagefiles of current builds of openwrt w/o graphical userinterface for devices having only 4MB of flash.

Background of this question is as follows:
I have a few WR-841N devices that suffer 4MB of flash and where one can download only older openwrt images. Also i have an CH314A flash programmer and a few Winbond 16MB flash chips, and also a few 64MB RAM chips arround.
Despite of my questionable soldering capabilities I would like to exchange the 4MB flash chips with the 16MB flash chips. I am aware of ART Partition and the last kilobyte of original U-Boot and also pepe2ks uboot-mod.
The only thing I cannot do is compiling openwrt, this extends my capabilities. So I thought why not flash a current build w/o LuCI, and when migrated to bigger chip installing LuCI lateron?

Will that work?
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image builder does not require you to compile/build your firmware, pretty easy to use, ubuntu virtual machine is a nice trick.

you can also check wiki on ho to exclude luci from image.



And all buildbot snapshots are without LuCI by default, both in master and in 19.07.

Only release images contain LuCI.

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Do releases have imagebuilder?

you can find image builder in your target folder --> supplementary files bottom of download page, for both release and snapshot.

I am so sorry this is all way to complicated for my limited brain. I downloaded this imagebuilder and wasn't able to make a 19.07.3 build for my WR841N device. Also in snapshots there is no ready-to-use image for that device (AR71XX).
Any other ideas how I could get a 19.07.3 for WR841N with 16MB Flash mod?

image builder is really easy to use/setup, use something like virtualbox to install an ubuntu virtual machine and it's all copy and paste from wiki. anyways don't know your hardware version so you need to check:

master snapshot is here

19.07 snapshot is here

18.06 snapshot is here

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Yes, they do.