OpenWrt image for GL-MV1000 / Brume?

How can I flash a vanilla OpenWrt image (both 19.07.0-rc2 and master) for the GL-MV1000? I see there is no profile defined in the project for it yet.

I managed to compile my own 19.07.0 image using the DTS file I found in The only thing that doesn't work is the GPIO - LEDs and buttons. I don't actually need these so I haven't looked in to it but I believe this is because they are not defined in the DTS. They obviously do work in GL.iNet's image though...

I look forward to GL.iNet officially adding support for the MV1000 to the OpenWrt project :slight_smile:

Wondering if I should go for this or x86 build, celeron or low power intel i core series.

For my use case the only limitation is OpenVPN throughout. I know they advertise 97 Mbps on their website but I get 30 Mbps with AirVPN. I get 40 Mbps running a client on my iPhone 7, as a random comparison. My next choice would be the PC Engines APU2E4 but that’s £250 vs £92.

It is a pain needing to compile your own image every time. I’ve just built a 19.07.2 image. They don’t seem to be sysupgrade compatible either.

is there some latest firmware for GL-MV1000? thanks

What's the difference in the files?


How flash OpenWrt on device?
Which file to choose to flash device?

You will need to use the UBoot web gui to flash the img file in openwrt-21.02.0-rc3-mvebu-cortexa53-glinet_gl-mv1000-squashfs-sdcard.img.gz.

Martin do you have MV1000? I'm have 2 MV1000-W how can i run rtl8192eu wifi? Have some package driver in "Packages" OpenWrt repos?

I have the MV1000, not the MV1000W.

Need to unzip GZ file?

Is there installation instructions on how to install stock/vanilla OpenWRT on the MV1000?

Can't seem to find it on the OpenWRT page

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Thank you for this! Has there been any stability/features not working issues on the MV1000 compared to the OpenWRT version that is pre-installed by GL.inet?

Disclaimer: I don't own the device in question (so the aforementioned commit message and are all I know), but…

For the non-wireless version I would expect the device to be fully supported, the SOC is - and there shouldn't be any magic that would be problematic.

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wondering if this was possible
having the mv1000 dual boot gli-net image and pure openwrt image
on 8gb ubuntu partion

from the gli-net image 'switch_system ubuntu' to boot pure openwrt

copying 'switch_system' from gli-net partition to new pure openwrt and using 'switch_system openwrt' to boot back to gl-inet

or if need a custom tool for dualboot like the linksys routers.