OpenWrt + Home Assistant

Hello all.
I install home assistant to openWRT use this
And this work perfectly
Then, I try to use Apple home kit integration from this repo. It doesn't work properly. When I try add to IOS Home app, I cat see any HAP device. Seems like OWT block mdns announce. This working only if add extra AP and connect this AP to firth LAN port. - this working perfectly. This library base for HAP-HA.
it looks like HAP integration start on WAN port and OWRT block mdns to lan.
what to do, how fix this?

Curious if you want to look this over and see if it might help you. The OP for this other topic had a different ask, but ultimately also about mDNS. Let me know if this helps get you going: Bridging mDNS between networks - #2 by _FailSafe


Thank you.
Before I found similar solution and seems like its working.
But I want understand, why one program start with default LAN network and work fine. Another program start on WAN interface. Its possible to add program to LAN network by default?