OpenWrt GUI manipulation

Hi I'm Student currently working on my senior project. I was wondering if the OpenWrt GUI can be manipulated? Does that violate OpenWrt release standers?

Non-legal response:

My understanding is that you can change the code for your own use.

If you "distribute" it, then you have other obligations.

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Apache License v2.0, for the LuCI portion itself. See in particular section 4. Other portions of the OpenWrt ecosystem are under different licenses, which would also need to be observed, if you transfer or make available for transfer of the source, binaries, or devices containing either or both to any other party.

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Thank you responding back lleachii and jeff this is a great help!

I don't know what kind of manipulation you are looking at, or whether you see a need, have an idea already, or still searching.

But you could also look into developing some packages (or make GUI for some packages that have no GUI. That would clear you of the complications of distributing the whole thing, and also adds up to the community project.

That's unless, of course, you see an area in the GUI where improvement is required.

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