OpenWrt +Google Cloud Platform VPN

i have a server in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and i would like to connect to it via VPN. The VPN solution provided by GCP is IPSec IKEv2. Currently i am using a PC that runs pfsense, in order to create the GCP VPN between my local LAN and the GCP. I would like to get rid of the extra PC and have everything into my OpenWRT router, but i am stuck with the config. Is there any guide on how to connect to GCP, please?

Here is a post with some of my experience with IPSec. A CLI example is included. I don't think there is any GUI support for IPSec.

You will find a lot of guides with various old syntax and methods of configuring Strongswan. Strongswan is incredibly confusing because it has been re-written several times and there isn't much unification of the naming of things.

The default install along with the necessary crypto libraries is somewhat large; make sure you have a device with at least 16/128 MB flash/RAM memory. I was running on x86 so I didn't really notice the resources required.