Openwrt fritzbox 7362 sl annex j

Since my ISP have change from ADSL2/annex b to ADSL2/annex j, I get an error:
connection attemt failed.
But the DSL Line is synchronized. I can see this in the overview.

With annex b, I dont had any problems. Since annex j, I get the error. Anybody can help?

Were there any changes regarding your credentials?
Have you changed the annex-setting in OpenWrt?
Are there any useful error messages in the system log or the kernel log?

According to previous posts, your provider is 1&1. If that is still the case, you could try adding the prefix "H" to the PPPoE username (most information says this is only needed for VDSL lines, but trying it won't hurt).

Otherwise, your current provider and a copy of the network configuration might help to diagnose the issue.

I dont think so. I am using my normal credentials.

Yes, I have ... take a look, the line is synchronized ...

Here a picture of a FritzBox with rugular FritzOS:

In the syslog, I see some errors?

No, its ADSL/annex J. Please watch the screenshots.

When I call 1und1, nobody can help with this technical problem.

And here is a screenshot of the error 'connection attemt failed'

I hope thats helps.

It probably stopped working because VLAN tagging on the WAN interface is missing (according to the Fritzbox screenshot, the line is now rented by 1&1 from Deutsche Telekom).

Try changing the WAN interface to use "dsl0.7" instead of "dsl0".

(And while it probably isn't the related to this issue, you should consider updating to a more recent OpenWrt version: 19.07 is no longer supported, which also means it doesn't receive security updates anymore)

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I will try and tell you, whats happend...

I have to use OpenWRT 19.07, cause OpenWRT higher than 19.07, cryptsetup ( luks ), is not working correctly and two of the four LAN ports is not working, too.

I think, that does the trick? But what is the different, between dsl0.7 and dsl0?


Ether like interfaces have ability to tag virtual LAN on same line
so for example, you could have approx 4000 virtual LAN on same cable
this way, you have one cable to your home and different service providers could push services to your home on different VLANs

in this case, it is VLAN id=7

But how do I know, which VLAN I have to use? Is that a dependent from my ISP?
Coz when I call my ISP, they dont have a clue. They have no technical understanding for this things.

That's one reason why i am at DTAG and not 1und1.
And the complaints from a neighbor, who had several problems with his 1und1 line (or the hotline, to be precise, who wasn't able to understand or even solve the problems he had).

This issue should be fixed in the master branch and also in the 22.03 release.


I'm not sure if your experience with any other ISP would be much better when asking about such technical details.

The best approach to find the necessary information would be to look for a technical specification (or "Schnittstellenbeschreibung", as it is called in the law that requires one to be published).

Unfortunately, it looks like 1&1 doesn't really have a proper one. There only seems to be this page, and it doesn't explicitly mention the VLAN to use. But at least it has a reference to the technical specification 1TR112 of Deutsche Telekom, which actually specifies VLAN 7. (I have no idea if that would also work for lines which 1&1 doesn't rent directly from Deutsche Telekom, such as before your switch to Annex J.)

Thats the same, in green. Long time ago I was at DTAG, too. The technical support is bad, too.

You are right.

Oh, realy? It must be published? Thats fine... but I didnt know that and i didnt search for that.

Anyway, the FritzBox is working with Annex J, now. Thank you guys ...

cryptsetup/luks, too? It not works, higher than openWRT 19.x ...

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