OpenWrt friendly company?

I'd like to buy several wifi APs to cover around 3000m2 of a garden space between two houses (along with the houses and a garage). I plan on having a PoE 1Gb switch in each of the houses and I'd like to find the places where to put APs. The two switches are going to be connected by Cat5e cable. One of the houses has access to internet. I am shopping for the APs.

I'd like to support a company that is friendly to OpenWrt, preferably with OpenWrt preinstalled. Is gl.inet only such company or are there others? From the gl.inet offerings, is the gl-ar150 the only device with full PoE support (not the passive simplified one)? Does the external antenna help with the signal quality/strength?

The GL-AR150 is pretty dated. I wouldn’t buy one. I’d give up on PoE, or use a PoE tap. That opens up more options. Commercial APs are often PoE, but I wouldn’t consider TP-Link, Merakai, ... “open-source friendly” in any way.

I’ve got the GL-AR300M and it’s 2.4 GHz coverage is very good. External antennas aren’t necessarily better than patch antennas. It’s not uncommon to have both (but hey, look at those big, fat antennas, it’s got to be better than the one with skinny ones). I wouldn’t go without 5 GHz coverage if your budget permits.

I’ve been impressed with the design, build quality, firmware, and support of the GL.iNet units I have.

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Isn't the 100Mb port a limiting factor then? It is strange to see it on a device claiming 750Mb wifi speeds (gl-ar750). Actually even the old gl-ar150 claims 150Mb. The switches are going to be 1Gb. Why would one get a 750Mb wifi ap with only 100Mb ethernet port?

Travel router (repeater) or device to device.

Few people get over 100 mbps on 2.4 GHz per client.

This whole AC2600 thing is the same marketing, but at GigE levels. Ethernet bonding is equally suspect.

GL-B1300 includes PoE and 1GbE but the PoE version is sold only to business.

However, I have found that Comfast seems to be using OpenWrt as well and is supposedly upstreaming contributions. Their pages make it somewhat hard to find an outdoor AP with 1GbE and PoE. Does anyone one have a favorite piece there? Can anyone confirm Comfast is OpenWrt friendly?

git log master --grep omfast reveals three commits; CF-E5/E7 (ath79), and on the now-dead ar71xx platform, with no port to ath79, the CF-E355AC v2 and the CF-E375AC.

Trying to find their source-code repo, Google search returned the 2015 and not very positive

I am unable to locate their GPL-required source code, nor how to obtain it.

Maybe you see something in your search results or on

Even when a WiFi AP and client are able to transmit and receive at the highest possible bitrate, with no contention with other networks or clients, it can never achieve that speed 100% of the time. Some portions of the packet have to be sent at lower speeds, devices must wait to give other devices the chance to get airtime (even if they don't need it), clients have to send acks. AP need to send beacons, etc. I don't remember the details, but there is a lot of overhead above the ethernet frames exchanged.

A wired, switched, full-duplex ethernet connection has some overhead, but its trivial compared to what WiFi carries.

100Mbps may be a bottleneck for a single or even dual-stream 802.11ac router, but in practice it is much less so than you might guess.

I would check on ported commercial stuff if you look for POE. Meraki, Airtight, Aruba etc... The hardware is excellent but none of them is "OpenWRT friendly".

Why POE btw? If only one gets Ethernet feed why would you care for the others to have POE? gl.inet has pretty good hardware.