Openwrt fresh install : no ssh or webUI


I have installed openwrt for my Xiaomi AC2100.

After install, Xiaomi reboots.

My routeur see it, I give it an IP.
AC2100 internet LED is blinking when WAN port is connected to my routeur.
I can ping it, but no ssh ou webUI :confused:

I try to connect my pc directly with cable on it, with no routeur, in standalone.
My computer never get an IP, so no DHCP.

I put to my computer and try to go to ( seems to be the default IP after fresh install ) but no ssh or webUI :confused:

Could you please tell me what to do ?

Thank you

Is a typographic error? If not you should set your client to (same subnet).

On first boot you might need too wait a while for network connectivity & remote access, especially if it's an older device.


With an other computer, I have an ssh access to openwrt !
I think my job computer is restricted ( cybereason for example ) :confused:

I will try tomorrow to connect my openwrt to my routeur ( in order to have internet ). and il will install luci by ssh


sorry, of course, same network :slight_smile:

It's a xiaomi ac2100 black cylinder, not the redmi white one. so it's the good howto.

If it's an old device, i'm waiting 30 minutes still nothing.

I don't need to plug it to internet ? I can directly connect my computer to a network port I wait for IP address by DHCP ?

I think I will try to push the xiaomi firmware by tftp and try to get back....

If you have ideas before I try to go back...

So it's working with another system? Then you have other problems than OpenWrt :stuck_out_tongue:.

yes ! It works ! My work computer was the problem :wink:

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