OpenWrt forum credential fail

If you are able, please tell the Admins at OpenWRT that after registering for an account 3 times, and each time after receiving the password from OpenWRT that each and every time the credentials fail.

I would like to ask a question at that Forum, but, never can complete the login.

To my knowledge, the legacy OpenWrt forum is now deprecated, and posting for both OpenWrt/LEDE is done on this site.

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Source please.

The "source" has been what I have read here since the merge announcement on January 2nd.

Deprecated doesn't mean locked.

I have asked in a new thread what the official position is.

Lots of zero reply threads currently on the legacy forum.

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You realize that's very shaky grounds to make assertments about "legacy" and "deprecation", one way or another. As of now, no official decision has been made, and we should not announce our assumptions as such.

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Is the link you used

I just logged on with my user name and password, I see old post so it's pretty old ~2006 in a section called (Archived forums - read only) and also see new posts from today in read write section.

I have had a username there for years, So not much help I know but at least every one is talking about the same site.

Read the email they sent you carefully, There may be a temp password you have to use first.

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I'll make whatever statements I feel are germane.

If you don't like it, report it to a moderator.

Is there any reason to react with such hostility? I believe all I did was challenge your assessment, please correct me if I'm mistaken and I offended you.

Seemed somewhat condescending with your "you realize..." and "we should not..." nanny speak.

I'm going to remind everyone about OpenWrt Rule #12 (Be nice to each other.)

I don't know the official stance on the site, and I'm not sure that one has been decided/declared. I would welcome a citation to discussions either way.

I do know the original OpenWrt wiki has been set read-only to funnel new contributions toward the current wiki

I used the password sent by the Forum. I used this:

still no joy.

What error message do you get upon unsuccessful login?

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before you can login:
Incorrect username and/or password.

You could try to contact nitroshift or wigyori regarding this issue.

Please excuse. I tried to find a way to nitroshift or wigyori. I cannot locate them. Please do so on my behalf.

I just created an account on the legacy OpenWrt forum and was able to log in with no issues.

I used Firefox 59.0.1 and did not disable any add-ons.

The password is not sent to you...the confirmation email includes a link for setting up the password...

Thank you for registering in the forums at Your username on the forums is , as you requested.

To complete your registration, you need to set a password for your account. It must be done in 72 hours, or else your account will be deleted.

To set your password, please visit the following page:

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I see that jwoods reply is from 17 hours ago. As I am in the Pacific Daylight Savings time zone (Pacific/Los Angeles) and as the expiration on the link Mr Woods posted is enabled for 72 ours, even if the link is posted across the International Date Line, it should not have expired as of 7:41AM, (2:41PM UTC). And yet, when I clicked the link, a new tab opened, and I received this message:

The specified password activation key was incorrect or has expired. Please re-request a new password. If that fails, contact the forum administrator at

I will try that approach and obtain credentials. Thanks.

The link expires long before 72 hours.

Accounts that do not have passwords set within 72 hours are deleted.

OpenWRT creates much confusion when the user must have one set of credentials for the versus another set for the OpenWRT Forum. I now have two accounts, one at the Forum the other I have no idea what to do to get rid of it. I have so little knowledge of all networking, I would never edit the OpenWRT pages. That is what the credentials are for.


Mr. jwoods:

not to argue, but when I said 72 hours, I had only read that. Your response was way more than puzzling, so, again, today, trying to get help and having my credentials fail again, I made a screenprint so we can both see what-is-what here.

Thank you for your responses to all my posts.