OpenWrt for Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) development discussion

This feels likely to be the culprit

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It seems strange that the MTK driver can't cope with WDS and non-WDS SSID on one band?

I also tried 802.11s for the backhaul but had same instability issue.

Hi guys! Need some help, not sure where to go from here.

I've 2 WSM20s where 1 serves as router and mesh point and the other is a dumb-ap on the mesh. Using simple 802.11s with wireless backhaul and everything was working fine, running 23.05.0.
I decided to upgrade to 23.05.2 and since I didn't want to mess around with wiring the ap, uninstalling and installing wpad and other packages, I just used the attended sysupgrade from luci, so it just builds an image with the currently installed packages.
On the router node, everything went ok, no issues.
On the AP, things also seemed fine but I can no longer access it via ssh or http.
It still connects to the router as a mesh point, it gets a DHCP lease from the router and the devices connected to it can also access the network. But it doesn't even reply to ping, so I can't access it. If I connect it via ethernet to the router, it's the same, gets an DHCP lease assigned ip but can't be accessed.
Any ideas on what I can try next?

P.S. I don't have a serial cable

Ah, that did the trick, indeed.
Many thanks and sorry for the noise.

Update on this: my WDS connection is stable for a few days already now. Hopefully not jinxing it now, but using a single SSID for WDS and client connections seems to be a good idea with the MTK driver!

Amazon is selling the double pack for 49,99€ in AT/DE/FR and on the Zyxel store as well. One device 8x,00€, two devices 50. Okay.

UK has the 3 pack for £50 right now. About 58 euros. Trying to come up with a reason not to buy them.

You mean these?

Mine arrive tomorrow

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Do you find that WDS is faster than mesh, in terms of throughput and latency? I am currently using mesh and it seems stable enough though.

In my setup, so only two AP's interconnected, 802.11s is much slower compared to WDS (above 200 Mbps with WDS and around 120 Mbps with 802.11s).

And it has the same instability issues. With WDS and the changes described above (same AP for clients and WDS, WPA2-PSK, 2.4 GHz - 40 MHz channel, connect on BSSID) it is way more stable.


Thanks, I think I will experiment more with WDS at this point. I have mesh with router and only one node at the moment. But I am using channel 149 (non Dfs) 5ghz as the backhaul, around 400Mbps between the router and the node using iperf3 and wired clients. I am curious if WDS would be faster.

Using WDS to wirelessly interconnect three RT3200’s, I see circa 700Mbit/s therebetween. And 350Mbit/s from client through indirect AP to main router.


When white led you press a button.

If ok red led.

On Lan1 you connect RJ45, on PC on the same network 192.168.1.X
SSH and mount_root

Can anyone tell me how to revert back to stock firmware?

The wiki is not much help. It says stuff like "but the link can be acquired from the OEM web GUI by analyzing the transferred JSON objects." but if you don't have access to the oem web gui, how are you ever supposed to flash?

You could have searched this thread:

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I was curious to see 14 replies in the development thread, just to find out that it has nothing to do with development. Nobody seems to read the first post and/or cares about it. I'm unwatching it now, there are, fortunately, many other good souls that help out.

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Anyone had a go at trying to see if USB construction is possible ?
I've found the data sheet for the MT7621A (SOC) and it mentions support for both USB2 and USB3.
It also shows the SOC pins associated with these interfaces.
I realise there's more involved, possible electronics and programming but i also know that sometimes vendors simply don't implement these features for marketing reasons.
Enabling USB support on our Zyxel wsm20s would really open up many more options and overcome some memory limitations.
I've purchased 4 of these units and have 3 loaded with openwrt23.05.2 and working as router and wifi mesh. They have been rock solid for over 2 weeks. I'm happy to cannabilise one of them if someone can give me a hint where to start. USB support on these would be awesome.
thanks for your attention...

Sounds like a fun project. If the challenge is half the fun, go for it.

Otherwise, you might instead consider looking for a small used router or inexpensive Pi with USB and Ethernet and just plug that into a WSM20 Ethernet port to add USB and/or storage to your network.