OpenWrt for Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) development discussion


I managed to follow the guide everything working fine

but i have a missed 802.11r checkbox

Could you please advice on this issue


FW : OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23372-51f57e7c2d / LuCI Master git-23.158.78004-23a246e|
Kernel : 5.15.116
Installed wpad : wpad-openssl 2023-03-29-bb945b98-1.2


This option is the first under WLAN roaming, not under Wireless Security.


Currently 3 pack for €79,90 at


23.05.0 RC2 is now being built released. I believe this has the LED button fix for the WSM20 - is there anything else noteworthy?

Once it’s ready then please let us know if you’ve tried it and whether it’s working for you.

Hi all. I succesfully have flashed my Multi M1 with the last snapshoot. But I only have wifi 5 speed : about 350Mbps in download. Whereas with the stock version I'am at about 550.

I have the radio0 at 2.4 Ghz and radio1 at 5Ghz activated, same ssid, located in panama.
Any idea ?

I also flashed several WSM20 devices today (bought a bundle of three).

The hardware page says each device needs to be registered with Zyxel first, before it can be flashed, but this isn't necessary. After long-pressing the reset button, I was able to access the firmware upgrade URL without authentication.

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Tomy ->

yes, a long time that OpenWrt WIFI works much less well and are not as stable as with the manufacturers firmwares

there is a solution which is to use MTK drivers but every time we talk about it we get censored

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What do you mean?

censored it's censored..
simple example: a timer will be affixed to the post which will never reset in the event of a response and will therefore be closed quickly
I use in this moment OpenWrt 22.03.3 with MTK mt7915_20200814-bb4577 drivers
the speed is not perfect & not DFS automatic channels possibility but i am not able to find out why
but it's very stable in STA/AP ( no WDS or relayd ) which the open source mt7915 driver doesn't

I use without any worries or cuts with TV channels
Orange LiveBox 6 <-- WIFI 5 GHZ --> Zyxel WSM20 <-- LAN --> Orange UHD TV box
If anyone is interested i can ask the friend who helped me

Where have you found that censorship?

BTW the guys from ZyXEL contacted me recently to tell me that the official DTS will be posponed again. I won't believe that they will deliver anything that may improve what we currently have, but who knows.

Ok, I get you now

You are using the Belkin RT1800 wifi MTK drivers from the Belkin official sources because you believe that the MTK drives that are being currently shipped with OpenWrt are really bad

Interesting... Personally I don't really need AX because this is my secondary network for device that barely use AC and even 2.4Ghz band. In fact, for the price, this device cost me even less than pure AC routers, so I would be fine even with that.

You are running your ZyXEL in bridged mode for your UHD TV Box.

I may try to use that mt7915_20200814-bb4577 version in my testing device.

Which diferences have you found between the mt7915_20200814-bb4577 and the OWrt default?

BTW have you tried mt7915_20201106-34067b? It's slightly newer and maybe it's slightly more performant

Anyway I can't believe that such old driver is better performing compared to the officially MTK supported opensource driver... It makes no sense. I must test it with iperf to prove it right.

for the GPL code
OEM firmware is by nossiac who came to this forum a few years ago and who had to give up given the criticism, the old OpenWrt shutdown, taken over by LEDE and the new OpenWrt
the GPL Belkin version is for compare with what i currently use

I use a firmware 22.03.3 that i compiled myself with the indicated driver
I have at least 400/400 Mbs which is very stable & in STA/AP mode
That's all I ask to have 4K TV channels with 3 * WSM20 boxes working at the same time
I use also a RT1800 Belkin

For the drivers there have been problems for many years
Just search a bit and you will find multitudes of posts on this subject

I have to say that I'm not really concerned about transfer rate, but latency. Anyway, I will be personally running iperf

I've been lately very annoyed with my Asus XT8 devices that cost me almost $200 ea and being doing some network tests because I could not believe they were so shit for that price (and they are).

Now I'm trying to revamp my whole network selling all the shit stuff. I'm going to keep these WSM20 100% because the price was literally blasting, but I will try all those 3 drivers, yours, the newer version (34067b) and the ones that are being currently shipped in the last snapshot.

Anyway, I don't understand your issues. I've checked the latest Linux kernel version, and OpenWrt are basically using the exact same version (in fact one that it's slightly newer). OpenWrt is not using any strange or weird specific driver, but the upstream MTK drivers, that in fact, are being supported by Mediatek. I can understand that some very specific driver was better performant in the past, but still 99% of the OS systems, including both Linux kernel for all main GNU/Linux distros and OpenWrt are using such. It's unlikely that OpenWrt will simply use a very old driver that was simply better performing, basically they are going to stick to the latest driver.

What I cannot understand is why Mediatek has been downgrading the quality of the OS driver. It's their real fault, not OWrt. By the way it's kind of funny that OEM vendors (many using LEDE not OWrt) stick to old drivers, because they found better performance.

For me the biggest problem is that OpenWrt does not work in STA/AP mode with my box - LiveBox 6 used by millions of users of the Orange network

For SFR boxes, Bouyghes, ... it's the same

And that we do not say that their firmware is bad and does not comply with standards or security

These access providers also have boxes in PRO version

With OEM firmwares STA/AP mode works

I have not tried this mode. Personally I don't have any bridged devices, but in case I had, I would probably simply plug another AP and leave the WSM20 only for bridged/STA mode.

Consider you have like 50 WSM20, why don't you simply do this?

About performance, you said you noted some little drops on the wireless connection regularly that did not affect the buffering of your media but they were still there?

1 - I tried with relayd and I have too many cuts with streams for televisions for it to be usable
2 - With 2 * WSM20 in WDS it's the same

With MTK drivers it is stable as a rock

This is not specific with WIFI 6 / AX because with it also concerns my old WR1200JS , Newifi-D2 or XIAOMi R3G which are in AC
In this case i use Azexios firmwares qui ont aussi des pilotes MTK

Exist also Padavan for this routers with MTK drivers


Padavan's firmware for WSM20?

No Padavan is only for Router with WIFI AC ( mt7615 not mt7915 )

I search help for download files chinese site

Use the software that the router came with if you like it that much.
But don't derail every topic you can with those MTK drivers.


znevna ->

I do not use the firmware provided by the manufacturer of the product ...

My build ( not standard because i have replaced the OEM boot partition ) :

Hostname ZYXEL-MTK-166
Model WSM20
Architecture MediaTek MT7621 ver:1 eco:3
Target Platform ramips/mt7621
Firmware Version OpenWrt 22.03.3 r20028-43d71ad93e / LuCI openwrt-22.03 branch git-22.361.69894-438c598
Kernel Version 5.10.161