OpenWrt for Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) development discussion

I've just done 3 in a row without issue :open_mouth:

Just checking- are you connected to the top 3 lan ports and not the LAN/ WAN port at the bottom?
After flashing with the first firmware you need to connect to (Openwrt default). Make sure there's no clash if you're connected to a LAN.

Oh my,, checking now...

I am now here after Login and flashing with sysupgrade.bin: wont work in browser now


How to proceed to Luci? Thx.

One step further:


And done:



This is highly subjective and depends on your site layout and noise.

The usual recommendation is to stick with 20 MHz width for 2.4, and to pick the least noisy of channels 1, 6 and 11. For 5GHz if you have low noise then 80MHz can be a good option, but 40MHz is better in a noisier environment. Channels 36 and 44 are non overlapping at 80MHz, higher channels can have issues with radar and may take a while to start or drop out periodically (look up DFS if you are interested).

I don’t bother,

I just let the client sort it out and things work well.

If you have multiple APs then use different channels for each of them. This applies to 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Really glad you've made it.
I moved my main router to so I can do the build on LAN.
Went thru the annoying Zyxel process to get the M1s in bridge mode and added a web password etc.

Just need to do some more testing but all good so far.

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Kind of funny that the noob that cannot even insert a fricking UART to see what's going on with his supposedly bricked device (that actually wasn't), had the audacity, in the same message, to compare one of the most well-known firmwares in the world, used by dozens of reknowned brands on their core devices, with this Tomato-2nd-grade-alt

Yes, just your notes. That "simplistic" mention was hilarious.

I would publicly apologize for such a degree of stupidity for a software that is being developed disinterestedly by a hundred of people

Personally I prefer to install DAWN

And if you have LuCI it has a nice interface, also tweaking everything is very simple and amazing.

I needed a solution not only for steering but for balancing, since I had a ton of little devices all spread into the house, and if any of the AP dropped, I would not like that these devices dropped the connection (for example, it could happen that the automatic blinds would lose the connection so I would prefer them to connect selectively to a new AP).

But I think mine is a very niche case, so probably with just 80211r you will be fine for most of the scenarios and 80211k would be an overkill

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Thx, Big Fellow, but as you can see, I did delete my post as I was able to install it, but anyway, manners, my young friend. Not every one is that sophisticated as you, right? Not every one has that big boy pants like you.

Keep it kind everyone :hearts:
No one is paid to do this. I really appreciate the community and the free advice and help. I was a noob once with Openwrt.
Everything going well here since replacing the :poop: Zyxel firmware. I've noticed on other threads about issues with this generic hardware and 5Ghz wifi, which was my main issue with the stock firmware.
The snapshot build looks good so far - need to do some further testing. Using Galaxy S22 Ultra and Iphone 13 Pro at home- kept loosing internet connectivity with stock firmware.
The people who do the deep techie firmware builds need medals :medal_sports: :medal_military: :1st_place_medal:

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What do we noobs know, right? Not every one is so cool and fresh as our @SirLouen, right?

Manners is saying that this is a "simplistic OS" that broke your device and comparing it another firmware JUST FOR YOUR NOVELTY?

Dude, learn what manners mean. You first came and had no manners. Don't expect anyone to have manners with an audacious noob.

We all were noobs in the past. But none were so disrespectful to the community at first when things did not go as we desired.

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@Steffffi @SirLouen please return to the actual topic and stop your personal disputes in this forum!

@psherman Since this device is now in snapshot and will be in 23.05, could you please close this support topic? Almost all recent posts cover general problems with OpenWrt and/or the installation, nothing that should be in the developers section.

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Why it would be closed @psherman? This is a discussion topic exactly the same to

And in the exact same situation

Now new things are being debated as it's still not closed the support line, and I don't feel it's stable enough to not generate any more discussion?

I edited my post: Because it doesn't belong to the developers section. This thread started as the device support thread, there is a lot of technical discussion in the beginning. All recent posts are either general support requests or off-topic, nothing that really belongs to this thread/section of the forum.

From what I've been reading in the past few years, this forum is not only focused on supporting new devices. Also tinkering with new elements for already supported routers and solving unresolved bugs that may arise.

I feel new developer questions might be arising soon :slight_smile:

Same happens for the Xiaomi AX3600 threads, already on snapshots but with things probably open to be solved.

In this case, for example, the 40Mhz+ issue is still unresolved. I think there is no better place in the forum for this topic and this has been done with any other single device in this specific subforum.

I have not had time lately, but I would like to take a look in this soon on my summer holidays.

I would leave the post open at least until they release the official DTS from ZyXEL (they said it will be released by July) and we can see if we can tweak a little bit better the current one.

What the heck are you really talking about? Is this your welcoming of new openwrt users?

Shut it and keep it to yourself. I came here for help, not for you. And as you can see, some did help, but not you.

Sure, I agree with @Annick as well. Furthermore, off-topic and dev unrelated things lead to this kind of opinionated results that may result in unnecessary anger. But still I think it's too early to close anything.

Hi, I just bought a Zyxel WSM20 and I have followed the steps to install openwrt.
I get the following error:

Thu Jun 15 08:28:31 UTC 2023 upgrade: Commencing upgrade. Closing all shell sessions.
Command failed: Connection failed
root@OpenWrt:~# Connection to closed by remote host.
Connection to closed.

How can I check if sysupgrade worked well or not?


ssh back in and check. I'd load LUCI up so you can gain web access to openwrt
and here

It may look scary, but what you posted isn’t an error. Flashing firmware involves rebooting the device, which drops any connections.

If you wait for the update to finish (go make a coffee or similar) you can reconnect with the same command.

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It looked scary :slight_smile: I have installed lucy with opkg and I am able to access it so everything is fine. Thanks for your quick answers!