OpenWrt for Zyxel Multy U WSR30 AC2100: Plan?

Hello. I got two pieces of Zyxel Multy U WSR30 AC2100 as a Christmas gift from Deutsche Telekom for a new internet contract, but I'm just not used to managing devices using a smartphone. Besides, it cannot be used as an extender of a different type of AP (like Unifi). It would be nice, if there is OpenWRT for this device. Is there any plan for it? I read a review somewhere that this is actually a good device in terms of hardware. Perhaps it's worth creating OpenWRT for it?

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According to this, this device is based on a Realtek SoC and Realtek wireless. There is currently no support for this chipset, although initial work has begun (see here and here).
Unless you are willing to put a lot of own development work into it, don't expect OpenWrt anytime soon on this platform.

Thank you for your information. Well, I might be "willing" but have no idea about development-work, I'm just a user....
I think this specific device is dying out, it's probably not worth an effort....