OpenWrt for ZBT WG2107

Good morning I bought a dual sim router ZBT What data do I have to collect and what do I then have to do to try to compile OpenWrt to a more recent erection of the LEDE 17.01 customized to the manufacturer? Powered by LuCI Master (git-22.217.37690-ce7640e) / LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT 17.01 22.1228_111307_230227

find HW specs
get serial interface up and running

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Thanks, I'll try recovery information.

Looks like a nice device and very supportable. According to the manufacturer pages, it's MT7621, 16MiB Flash, 256MiB RAM. If you have shell access to the device, you can gather most of the remaining bits (GPIO map, partition layout ...) from the running firmware.

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Now that I think I have collected everything necessary in a file, what should I do ?

Find a similar device, and try to boot an initramfs created for it, see how far it gets you.

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Easy solution:
Contact ZBT and request the latest openwrt firmware version , I think they will send it to you
Keep in mind that every time you need update then you contact ZBT again

Long-Term Solution:
Follow above suggestions in previous posts

Good luck!

Keep in mind they probably don't keep a package repository, and you won't be able to install any official kmods, application could however work.

All in all, a pretty bad suggestion.

ZBT do not publish their firmware, as far as I know they can share it when requested

Bad or good suggestions depend on the need and the goal, not on personal experience!

What makes you to state this? Have you tried?

I know they have firmware which supports official Kmods.

Guess we'll find out when/if @IW2FAG-11 requests, and get it.

The question remain:
What makes you to state that “won't be able to install any official kmods”? Have you been in contact or business with ZBT ?!

Because it's the usual story, and I don't see why ZBT would be any different than most (all?) the other manufacturers.

The "it runs openwrt" statement sounds great, until you actually try to install something.

It is not a problem if he - at least - try to contact the manufacturer.

If they replies positively then he is happy , if not then he tried at least.

It can't work for technical reasons: the kernel build versions don't match. This is one of the reasons why you can't replicate an official build (ref). The only chance for kernel modules would be ZBT building and providing them all.

I had one of their routers in the past and that was the case.

The only problem is that you have to get firmware from them, they do not publish their firmwares.

I cannot say it the same for current router in this post, so it is beter to contact the manufacturer and see, perhaps it turns out good, who knows!

Unless yourself have the same router and manufacturer denied to give you what you want or the router does not support what you are looking for, you cannot judge it 100% then.

Anyway, we will be sure after iw2fag-11 contact them and get (or do not get) their response.

I've already asked them and they told me that the FW I indicated above is already their latest release for this which they define as the 2023 modem.
I've seen around the WG3456 model if I remember correctly the code, which is practically identical. It differs for sure in 5G wifi which in mine is a MT7663.

Thanks to Tina, I now have a bin to upgrade by hand, but this is based on their latest Reboot release (17.01.7, r4030-6028f00df0) Linux version 4.4.182 (haowen@haowen) (gcc version 5.4.0 (LEDE GCC 5.4.0 r4030-6028f00df0)) It has a graphical interface very different from the one I had found ppena bought the modem. With this bin is it possible to try to fill in the MT7621+MT7603MT7663+MT7530 Thank you

Who is Tina?

Tina is a front-office at Zbt. I'd find on Linkedin and on YouTube, Yeaaaaah She posted their new modem their.

I found her CellWhatsapp number on their site and she send me latest fw developped :face_holding_back_tears: