OpenWrt For Ubiquiti Powerbeam-M5-400

I purchased PowerBeam M5-400.
I had a problem creating an openwrt image following the instructions at

I can't downgrade to XW AirOS 5.6.15 from the web interface.

I tried "tftp recovery mode".
However, for versions below 6.1.4, i.e. versions prior to January 2018, the following error appears after "tftp recovery mode":

Looking at the ssh log,

New (329231) 5.6.15, required (393476) 6.1.4.

The purchased PowerBeam was shipped in May 2019.

Is there no way?

Write with tftp in factory setting mode.
reset button click and power on during 30s.
device enter factory mode.
I can ping to
write with tftp2.

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