OpenWrt for Tp-Link Archer C7 v5

I want to install OpenWrt but i don't know how i can do it. Sorry, i'm not good in english. Someone said me i can install firmware from web-interface. Can i do it? I'm excited...
If i should do it with TFTP send me please guide for linux, i haven't win

Pls search on forum before question. C7 v5 already support here

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I know but For Archer C7 (confirmed for v2 and v2.1). Can i upload OpenWrt fo v5! In browser?


OpenWrt Factory Firmware: Use this file the first time you flash OpenWrt onto the router as it came from the “factory.”
OpenWrt Sysupgrade Firmware: Use this file to upgrade an OpenWrt “system” to a newer OpenWrt version.
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Thanks, i will try it.


For older stock firmware version for the Archer C7 V5, installing OpenWrt is only possible through TFTP server, (V18.06.1 confirmed) Make sure to upgrade the stock firmware first if you want to use the manual firmware upload feature which can be easier than setting up a TFTP server.

Just make sure you have a recent version of stock firmware.

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