OpenWRT For The First Time WRT1900ACS

I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS v1 That I have been running stock I would like to use OpenWRT I was just wondering which build, version, config set up I should start with using this specific router? I'm hoping to maintain the wifi speeds that I get with the stock firmware. I have 400MBps Download, ?? upload speed coming to the house from ISP. on stock using the Speedtest-CLI I get 436-489MBps Download and 27-39MBps upload depending on the time of day. I'm not planning to use my router for anything crazy and was planning to keep my config pretty basic. The most important factors for me are maintaining my speeds and security. The OS that I will be using to SSH is Linux so any kind of changes I might have to make to the files shouldn't be an issue. I did flash dd-wrt before and went back to stock because it was giving me headaches and I like the fact that OpenWRT is basically a distro so ill be right at home.

Thanks Fellas!!

The Linkys WRT1900ACS has a dual-firmware setup, so reverting to stock is trivial. Just install 19.07.3 and test it.

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Okay, I already have firmware installed on that partition should I wipe it prior? or can that even be done with stock installed?

Use power switch to flip partition, and write over what you already have installed.

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yup I'll let you guys know how things go!