OpenWrt for iinet BoBLite GL411

I own an iinet BoBLite router in my office. This router has 2 USB ports but unfortunately it only supports storage and 3g dongle. I would really like to have printer support. I have the original firmware file which I can share. Is it possible for you guys to develop a firmware for this device? It will be a good challenge as this firmware will be a first for iinet.

Link to download iinet original firmware:

Not very likely. It is most likely a broadcom device, and has an inbuilt modem. 2 boxes you generally don't want to tick when looking for third party support for a device. Additionally, they're basically only found in Australia.

Most CPE equipment in Australia falls into the same basket. The best solution is generally to put them into bridge mode (or accept a double NAT situation) and pair them with a well supported router.

Thanks Lantis1008.

I am looking for a solution. Can someone please give some guidance? tried installing the openwrt SDK but to compile a firmware I need it to support this modem :frowning: