OpenWrt for home automation

Can anyone tell me if someone has used it for home automation?
Please revert back if someone has used it for home automation.
Thank you.

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Yes, I used OpenWrt for home automation, then went to Home Assistant, and never locked back.

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Can you help me with my final year project on home automation?
Is HA better than openWrt
How can I use it for home automation?

and can we make our own UI with the help of home assistant?

Home Assistant has its own site, where all your questions are answered, and it's own forum with lots of helpful people:


If you want to use OpenWRT router as a controller then yes, it's possible.
But HA and other solutions like FHEM, HomeBridge, WebThings, Node.RED are to heavy for most OpenWRT devices.
Take a look on the wiki page

But if you want to create an accessory or device with OpenWRT and control it remotely then there is no any ready to use solutions. I.e. HomeKitADK library not ported, no WebThing, no Tuya or any other libraries with popular IOT protocols. Only some MQTT support.

The only two devices with OpenWRT are Kankun SP3 and some Belkin smart plugs, but they are using some custom proprietary protocols.

There is some old OpenWRT custom build called CyberWRT that is used in DYI projects but I can't recomend it.

Home assistant should come with a warning that it can be a bit addictive and all consuming. You can make UI to your heart's content.

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I think it's wonderful that people find so many use cases for Openwrt. But fundamentally, it's a home networking solution, so this is not its sweet spot.

Why don't you use a made-for-home-automation distro like Domoticz?

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FHEM you could run on an Openwrt device >64MB Ram. I've tested on a Netgear R6100.

Home Assistant should run on Openwrt >128MB Ram.