OpenWrt for D-Link DIR-100 rev B1?

Please, can you help with question?
Can i request custom firmware for D-Link DIR-100 rev B1? Or where i can do it?

I know, this router have a VERY (really very) small flash with 1 MiB and RAM 8 MiB
CPU is WavePlus

Can i hope for ask devs: Can you do the very tiny flash image? Or very small support for this?

Also info:

Firmware official latest:

Flash1 Size 1 MiB
RAM1 Size 8 MiB

Totally insufficient.
The minimum requirements for OpenWrt support are curently 8 MB Flash and 64 MB RAM (more = better).

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Is it possible to build a very tiny flash? Or this is not reasonably?

Apart from insufficient flash and RAM, the SoC itself is not supported by OpenWrt.
Therefore: Impossible.

Oh... Sorry :frowning:
But thanks a lot for info.

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