OpenWrt flashing issues on F9K1115v2

Have a Belkin F9K1119v1 that had been giving me issues as of late with the buggy firmware that Belkin installed on these devices. According to all research, the model is the exact same as the F9K1115v2, and is supported and working. I downloaded the 19.07.5 factory.bin and sysupgrade.bin and logged into the router and did a factory reset from the configuration page. The router came back up after a couple minutes. Logged back in and went and flashed the factory.bin, and this is where the issues started up.

From what it seems the router is no longer looking for the "eDiMaX" header, but now looking for "eDiMaXsUpEr" in the header. Editing the header in hex edit works to get the router to reconize the image, but then instantly fails due to CRC error. Is there a way to either fix the CRC check, or flash the image via uBoot that doesn't involve guessing at memory locations?

I'm confused why v19.07.5 why so old
is the F9K1119v1 realy the same as the F9K1115v2 & F9J1108V2
there is a comment on
but can't find anything else
a look at the firmware headers seems posible

checksum byte for header is 0x31 single byte
for bytes 0x0 to 0x5D

recomend if you are suscessfull then make a pull request like the example below;a=commit;h=b403a6e1241c00f509b201ec2ac8ca5f29e1ffd1

Tried with 19.07.06, not sure why I typed 05, but mainly due to the note that is on the hardware page. The FCCID on the unit (K7SF9K1115V2) actually pulls up the AC1750 (F9K1115v2). It seems that when these were being produced originally, Belkin swapped in the other board to accommodate supply issues.

Did a compare of the only firmware that Belkin lists for the AC1600 (F9K1119v1), and found that this firmware header has the "eDiMaXsUpEr". Looking at the F9K1115v2 header, the header only is "eDiMaX". This change seems to be related to the only firmware update that was applied automatically, taking the firmware from 1.00.01 to 1.00.03.

Working on doing correction on the CRC and then testing. Will do a pull with the changes if all goes well.

Went and flashed the stock 1.00.01 firmware back from the Bootloader UI while watching in PuTTy. Noticed that the router will give a checksum for both the header and data that it is expecting. Quick and easy edit and match up.

Had to change the Magic Number and CRC in two different places on the factory.bin. One for the rootfs, the other for the uImage. Both changes and then entering the respected CRC corrections got a complete booting image and router working as intended. Pull do a Pull with the changes need to compile the firmware to add the F9K1119v1 to the list

it's good to hear you got it working :slight_smile:

I'm new to open-wrt and want to flash it to a F9K1119v1 (firmware 1.00.01, boot loader 1.00.03). I cannot find firmware on the list of supported devices. Kindly point me in the right direction, TIA

This is not supported by OpenWrt.

I can actually vouch that they are. Currently running Open Wrt on one now, and have submitted a pull to the repo to add the support into the unit.

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I should clarify... it is not supported by any official stable release and also not in the snapshots (per the firmware selecor). I also did not find a ToH entry, but that could be an indictment on my searching.

The firmware isn't listed on the supported list, under that model number. The F9K1119v1 is the exact same model as the F9K1115v2. If you even look up the FCCID, the F9K1119v1 shows up as the F9K1115v2. This is due to Belkin having issues producing the F9K1119 at the start of production. The later 1119v2 and above are very different boards. See the note here, and then read the issues that I had to work on in order to get the unit to accept the flash. Defiantly will need to have a TTL to USB converter, and have a bit of knowledge on TFTP and using uBoot.

Ah... that would explain why I couldn't find anything on the v1. I did manage to find the v2 in techinfodepot, but did not find a v1 in that database.

There seems to be an issue with the F9K1119v1 and F9K1115v2 units on the 21.02 version of Open Wrt. From what I've experienced, the 21.02 branch doesn't compile correctly and doesn't function. I currently am on 19.07 with no issues.

I'm using the 21.02.1 on the F9J1108 v2 "the other one"
& it's working fine
but between ar71xx "V19.07 and ath79 "21.02"
you need to use the recovery interlace & flash with factory image
& re-enter your settings
for me it's only an access point tho
USB 3.0 is hit & miss tho

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