Openwrt firmware realease for cudy wr1300 v3 router

When will publish firmware for cudy wr1300 v3 ?
Give an approximate idea of publish date please.

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There has been some work on this:

Assuming that that the PRs have been or will be merged in time, the earliest it would be seen is 24.xx, which means still quite a while from now.

I am new here & can't understand your word :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


PR means "Pull Request" -- it is how new/updated code is added to the official project. This happens after the volunteer developer(s) finish the work for adding a device, and then is reviewed by the main (volunteer) developers.

24.xx is the next likely release of OpenWrt. 23.05 is the latest (that is to say that there was a point in May 2023 --23.05 -- that a new release was 'marked' but it was still several months before that became fully stable).

Cudy WR1300v3 differs very little from v2, so I made a new .dts to support it. It is already supported in snapshot versions (main development branch).

I also submitted a PR to support it in 23.05.x but it hasn't been approved yet - maybe someone can take a look at #14430 and accept it.

In the topic you linked I also made an unofficial build that is 100% compatible with 23.05.2 including the kernel version and works fine on the v3 hardware.

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Closing this thread... please continue the conversation here (same as link from earlier).