OpenWrt Firmware for HAME a5 32M SDRAM,8M flash

How to build firmware when multi-user decentralized management is required

not supported, so you can't, at least not easily.
32mb RAM kind of a dead end too.

8M flash 32M RAM


Increased minimum hardware requirements: 8 MB flash, 64 MB RAM

Due to new features being introduced and the general size increase of the Linux kernel, devices now need at least 8 MB of flash and 64 MB of RAM to run a default build of OpenWrt.

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I still run some devices with 8/32, on current master with 5.10. So it's possible, but you'll have to fine-comb through the options in the build configuration to manage to get an image to fit with just the requirements for that specific deployment.

Oh, and forget about running luci/uhttpd, unless you want a whole other layer of pain.

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Thank You ! :grin: