OpenWrt Firmware for Cisco 3502 with NAT support

I have Cisco 3502 Access Point and i wanted to use it at home, but as it turned out it does not have NAT support inside its firmware so as initially this AP was disigned to work under controller, but little bit later another autonomous firmware has been deployed instead and now i can use it only together wth router. But i wanted to use her insted of my Mikrotik router which has worse WIFi signal and coverage. The question is could i build somehow an OpenWrt firmware for this AP in order to be able to use it as a replacement for my router? Cause i do not want to have 2 wireless devices turned on, but only 1 is the best option for me.

That device does not seem to be supported by OpenWrt at all:

yes, i know that it is absent.
my question is more about whether i could build custom openwrt firmware if i will use the drivers for this AP CPU and wifi modules?

Is there published source for Linux-drivers for all the components in the 3502?

Are you sure, the platform will even boot/load something not signed/encrypted by CISCO?

On top of that, the 3502 is a Gen1 11n device with max 300MBit throughput, and probably bad power efficiency. The only real use left for that device is practicing destructive soldering, and proper recycling.

Adding support for a new device is not an easy task.