OpenWrt Firmware for Archer c6 v3.2

hello sir i need this firmwere.. please reupload it.. old link is not work.. my router is bricked.. help me sir

did u got the firmwere?

Here you go, I had it lying around somewhere, it is the file I downloaded from dsouza's source previously:

I also uploaded the openwrt22_luci_prefactoryimage that was in the same folder, but I don't remember if it was needed.

Hey guys, which stable version to use for daily use without major breakdowns?
Like which one to prefer over the other, version 22.03.6 or 23.05.2?

I've had almost no issues with snapshots build in early 2023 (v22, r21757-895f38ca1e) and recently upgraded a couple of devices to a snapshot of v23 (r24895-3cf1fe5508). Those have been running stable for roughly a week now since their sysupgrade (from the aforementioned v22 version).

Any luck with stable release like 23.05.2 or 22.03.6? Aren’t they stable for daily use?

"Stable" is just a point in the snapshot flow that is deemed "stable". Snapshots aren't per se unstable, although you might catch a package update or two that is prone to arise with some issues.

Generally speaking, I haven't faced any observable difference between building from stable release and building from snapshot, which is why I almost exclusively build from the latter. This might of course be different when using a lot of packages and more sophisticated specializations than I do. Then again, you can always check the git shortlog to see whether packages you/your router uses have been updated at all.

If you want to build/use a new image for the Archer C6v3, you can easily take 23.05.2 - in fact, I had one or two devices running a version build from it for a few days (short time frame ofc) and didn't encounter any issue.

Hey, I’m not well versed in this field, I’m trying to do it in my free time after work. Any how I’ll try building one using todays snapshot by installing Luci
Thank you very much

You can always fall back to use the images linked on the devices respective page in the table of hardware. E.g.: Those are not always updated to the latest stable release though, as is the case here. So building yourself, you might fare better. Happy building! :slight_smile:

I've updated the factory revert firmware download link in the original post below:

Using 23.05.2 from Indian, DFS still seems to be broken.
@AashishAS How it working for you ?

someone build this os for c6 v3.20

Someone did or someone should do? If the former: nice. If the latter: have fun.

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someone should do cz a best os with many options