OpenWrt Firmware for Archer c6 v3.2

Thanks for the reply @timothyjward

I am not that much concerned with HW-offload.

My question is, can I proceed with this link, for version 3.2 as well?

There are some contradictory requirements here:

The routing performance of a C6 v3.2 using OpenWrt will be worse than the stock firmware unless you enable HW offload. Software routing is fundamentally slower than hardware acceleration and OpenWrt is rarely faster than stock firmware.

If your requirement is for fairer bandwidth allocation and removing buffer bloat then the dual core CPU is able to run SQM much better than the single core CPU in the v2, but it will still struggle to keep pace with fast connections.

If you’re asking “can I install 22.03.x on my C6 v3?” then the answer is “yes, it’s a supported router”. Some, but not all, C6 v3 users have had stability issues with 22.03, but I’m not aware of anyone bricking their device with the stable releases.

Sorry, I meant to say; I intend to use it as a wired router; not worried about WiFi.
I am coming from Archer C7 [750Mhz single core], so the router under discussion [880 Mhz, dual-core] should definitely be an improvement.

OpenWRT ToH page is speaking of version 3.0, what I have is 3.2; hence my wish to double check.

It will be an improvement. I only use the devices with VPN and there I saw a 100% increase in throughput with a wireguard tunnel. The C7v5 maxed out at around 70 MBit/s over LAN and 60 MBit/s over 5G wifi under v18.06 Later OpenWrt releases saw slower speeds.

The Archer C6v3 is capable of 130 MBit/s over LAN and 5G wifi. As timothyjward stated: there have been stability issues with v22.03; snapshot versions seem to be more on the stable side for this device. I observed only 2 "non-usable" devices on snapshot that had the issues aforementioned and discussed in this thread, while a good double digit number of devices ran and run without any issues or could be stabilized with the memorycheck script.

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My router says v3.2 on the bottom and the flash is fine using the firmware from the firmware selector.

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23.05 RC1 is compiled

Sysupgrade can be used to upgrade a device from 22.03 to 23.05, and configuration will be preserved in most cases.

:!: Sysupgrade from 21.02 to 23.05 is not officially supported."

Latest version spams with
daemon.warn odhcpd[1683]: No default route present, overriding ra_lifetime!
every 5 min.

Looks like a IPv6 problem, specifically with the default route, if you use IPv6 check your firewall configuration to be sure that you do not filter IPv6 ICMP messages. If you don't use IPv6, disable it on all interfaces.

23.05 RC2 is compiled

How has RC1 worked for those of you that have installed it? Is everything OK or are there issues?

Not much activity around here
There's been too long waiting for me to upgrade as I've been on 22.03.2 since last October so I've flashed 23.05 RC2 but I still have the biggest issue.
The main issue I was having on 22.03.2 is that on my Meta Quest 2, the Deo VR app (popular VR video sharing platform and VR video player) does not connect to the Internet with Openwrt so I have to use a WR841N over 2.4 Ghz with an old DD-WRT for it to connect. From a security (and performance) point of view, using such an old firmware is less than ideal.
Unfortunately, on 23.05 RC2, Deo VR still doesn't connect so I don't know yet if this firmware is any worse for me than 22.03.2 but it can't be any better. Deo VR has not connected on any of the firmwares, since the release candidates of 22.03.
I might eventually have to revert to stock.
I will use 23.05 RC2 for now and will report on the stability.

Almost all of my C6v3s are running on snapshot r21757-895f38ca1e. The next upgrade will most likely be when the 23.05 stable release comes in or if a considerable issue/useful improvement has been solved by/found its way into upcoming snapshots. The aforementioned snapshot has been running incredibly well with some minor adjustments.

So I've been using 23.05.0 RC2 for 5 days now
So far I haven't run into any new issues other than the one I already had in 22.03.2, explained in the post above.
It is pretty much the same in my usage as before updating. If I experience any change, I will post about it.

any benefit from the upgrade? I'm running my c6s as dumb aps and if not I think I'll just skip

For my usage, things are the same as with 22.03.2, not better, not worse, it's been running fine for a week now but I haven't done speed tests or used the bandwidth and latency to the limits

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Would you please Upload Tp-link Archer C6 V3.2 stock firmware again?
It seems that it was deleted from the onedrive.

I tried downloading from the onedrive link too yesterday and also looked for mirrors, but couldn't find any. But I stumbled upon this tool somewhere and it worked for me!

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Is this safe?
Which version of Openwrt were you using?
Which version of stock firmware did you use?

Well, I was prepared for my router to get bricked, because I wasn't sure if it would work, but it did, so yeah, I'd say it's safe (well at least in this case). The versions I used are as follows - OpenWrt was the latest build of 22.03.5 for Archer C6 v3 and the stock firmware was the latest build for Archer C6 v3.2 (EU)

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Done. I've reuploaded the C6 revert image to OneDrive. New link:!AorfKe3ImcTd680LT13Ng0HzC3jNfA (Password : a6c6revert)


I am Running Current Latest SNAPSHOT with preinstalled Luci interface. The new Version is nice. I have one issue no matter what version i use my wireguard stops after a while after reboot when it sync time.

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