OpenWrt Firmware for Archer c6 v3.2

Hello dear. It's working great in Archer C6 v3.2? I want to test it in my router. Can you send me the installation files or I need to wait the new build of openwrt? Thank you

do you still want the files? I just installed it

Yes. Can you provide me?

Thank you. I installed in my router and it works. I'll configure the interfaces, vlans, wireless with 802.11r and check de stability

You're welcome

Hey Man, Thanks for sharing the link.
I installed the snapshot and it works great but now there is a new one!

I am trying to get OpnVPN-OpenSSL to work on this and I cant install it.

Error code 255 and the following message...

Collected errors:

* pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate: Packages for kmod-tun found, but incompatible with the architectures configured
* satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for openvpn-openssl:
* kernel (= 5.4.124-1-cebd2619b99dfac3ab6fd7de5d0d65b7)
* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package openvpn-openssl.


I tried too, I'll wait for the stable version

Install this one


Thanks. but this is only the LuCi GUI not openvpn itself.. so it will show you in LuCi but there wont be any files or folder 'openvpn' installed if you go via SSH
I guess will wait for the updated version....

The dependency here is that it asks for an updated kernel and that aint available as the firmware itself is at snapshot stage I guess...


hello! can you please tell me
what is the installation procedure ?

The version in the master has updated from the version in my tree. We need to wait till the snapshot is available.

Alternatively if you have build the binaries then you can upload the package from your build directory using the "Upload Package ..." button on luci Software page.

@r4g3z @kpoman The snapshot is now available.

I shall be creating a PR for inclusion in 21.02 soon after I am done with my testing.


Cool ! I suppose it is this one tplink_archer-c6-v3-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin ? Do I sysupgrade or again factory it ?

If you are upgrading from stock firmware you use factory.bin.

If yo upgrade from existing OpenWrt then you use sysupgrade.bin.

@kpoman For practical reasons, you may do a clean install. With snapshots you never know otherwise...

@amishv thanks for your effort.
I couldn't get openvpn to reliably work but relayd is working fine now on my c6.
So for now I settled by using my router as a extender with lan ports for my rig.

Latency has reduced and I don't get spikes anymore as the c6 antenna is better than my rigs on board WiFi.

I used an old to link Archer to configure openvpn for now...


There are a few pull request in the OpenVPN package, perhaps you may like to download and build the package yourself.