OpenWrt Firmware for Archer A5 V4

Hello guys, I'm new here and I'm looking for a bit of advice and tips on how I can install an OpenWrt for Archer A5 v4. is there a firmware that I can use safely that will not brick my router. I read about the Archer A5 v5 firmware, but I'm not sure if this will work with v4. I'm asking for your expertise in installing firmware for this router. Also, I saw a lot of threads about C5 v4. but I'm still doubtful about it. what would be the best move to do so that I can install OpenWRT safely.

I hope you can help me with this. thank you!

Did you read this page? Still questions after that?

I have doubts about it. and i need someone will share their experience with that thread

archer c50 v4 openwrt firmware wil work on a archer a5 v4 i tested it